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Gift Design Competition
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Gift Design Ideas Competition
Science Park . Hong Kong . 2013

To raise the public’s awareness of environmental issues, this proposed building serves as an experimental testing-ground to showcase the latest green technologies, as well as social networking hub for local talents. Greeneries were integrated all over the building for users to experience a whole new spatial relationship with the nature.

Sustainable applications to approach low carbon emission:
• Colored BIPV louvres on south facade to absorb solar energy
• Wind aon the roof to obtain wind energy
• “Natural” and “Hybrid” modes of ventilation automatically optimizes air-flow throughout the building according to external weather condition
• Tire-to-Energy solution to convert used tires into Biofuel

Green social activities:
• Urban farming on roof top
• “Bottle Your Algae” Scheme
• Algae bar for visitors to inhale fresh oxygen
• Bicycle rental and storage to encourage cycling as main mode of transportation