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2010 Shanghai World Expo Macao Pavilion Concept Design Competition
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2010 Shanghai World Expo Macao Pavilion Concept Design Competition
Shanghai Expo . China . 2008

An organic urban fabric was developed under the governance of the Portuguese, and has become the historic city centre of Macau. Monuments and civic buildings were connected by alternating piazzas and narrow lanes along the gentle terrain and were entirely preserved. The area is the heart of culture and community of Macau.

Rectilinear fabric on new reclaimed flatland was rapidly developed around the old fabric in the last decade. Large scale individual blocks such as casinos, hotels and commercial buildings were positioned on the gridded lots, leading the area to become the economic lifeblood of Macau.

The figure-ground image of light wells and atriums from the old urban fabric was re-interpreted and transformed into openings found on the façade, while as essence of the red lattice at Rua da Felicidade can be found on the façade for ornamental purpose. The pavilion contains spaces such as several exhibition halls, a tea house, display platform… etc. Sustainable applications include ionized water mist system, sun shading louvers and transparent membrane system (ETFE).

y.i. & associates ltd was given the “selected award” for this competition.