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House in Stanley
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House in Stanley
Tung Tau Wan . Hong Kong . 2012

The existing house was built in the 1950’s and a major alternation and addition works including interior renovation was being done. The main structure of the house was kept together with two new additional parts. Sustainable installations were added to support the environment, including green roof, triple glazed windows, BIPV carpark canopy, solar panels for hot water, and solar light tubes. Building materials used include recycled paving block for front yard, and FSC timber for the interior fixtures and fittings. Major part of the house was completed at the end of 2012.

Sustainable Installations and Applications:
• Various sizes of solar light tubes were installed on the roof to increase natural light intake
• BIPV at car park canopy for energy generation
• Tio stone paving blocks made of recycled materials for carpark area
• LED lights added for energy efficiency
• FSC timber for exterior & interior use
• Solar panel for hot water use
• Triple glazed windows for heat resistance
• Insulation wall at west