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West Kowloon Cultural District Arts Pavilion Design
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West Kowloon Cultural District Arts Pavilion Design
West Kowloon . Hong Kong . 2013

Butterfly Pavilion

Situated in one of the world's most dynamic regions, Park-Sky West Kowloon (PSW9) pavilion will serve not only as the temporary home for Hong Kong’s M+ Museum of Visual Culture, but will be a significant public event space overlooking Victoria Harbour. Its position exemplifies two interwoven identities: Hong Kong’s origins as a global port city that continues to be a center of commerce and economic vitality; and its future as a premier international cultural and artistic center for Asia.

The modest-sized pavilion, more than just an exhibition space, creates a multi-level dynamic indoor/outdoor environment, with 2 open surfaces that rise above the exhibition roof, unfolding like a pair of wings. One hand gestures toward the West Kowloon Cultural District and the future M+ building to create an outdoor performance seating area extending into the Park, providing a backdrop for Mobile M+, a series of “nomadic” exhibitions that explore possibilities of engaging the public in the evolving landscape of WKCD….

The other is a wing lifting up to the Sky toward the iconic Hong Kong waterfront, creating a public urban lookout point embracing the beauty and energy of the harbour. More than a building, the pavilion is a platform that supports a multiplicity of activities and uses. In the summertime, PSW9 will stage annual concerts such as Clockenflap and art installations like Detour that promote local artistic culture. In the evenings, the seaside grandstand becomes a spectacular viewpoint for the nightly kinetic light show that illuminates the Hong Kong skyline….

PSW9 follows the museum’s mission to be a multi-faceted art platform that is open, flexible and forward looking, aimed to inspire, delight, educate and engage the public, encourage dialogue, interaction and partnership, explore diversity and foster creativity and cross-fertilization.